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In the age of MRI’s and extravagant scientific tests, researchers have found a new ligament in the knee.  This new ligament called Anterior Lateral Ligament, plays a critical role in tears of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).  ACL tears are common in sports such as football, basketball, and soccer.  Other traumatic injuries such as auto accidents can cause injury or tear to the ACL.

Despite proper repair of the ACL, patients continued to complain of their knees “giving away” during activities.  This enigma led Belgian researchers to conduct a four year study to confirm a postulation by a French surgeon in 1879, about the existence of another ligament in the human knee.  Their study found this ligament to be present in all but one of the 41 cadavers.

Additional research revealed that injuries to the Anterior Lateral Ligament can cause the “giving away” complaint brought up by patients.

The Belgian researchers were commended for reminding the medical world that, despite the emergence of advanced technology, our knowledge of the basic anatomy of the human body is not yet exhaustive.

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