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What are Chiropractic adjustments? Adjustments, or spinal manipulations, are specialized procedures used by chiropractors.  An adjustment takes the joint movement beyond its active range (what you can move by yourself), but within its normal range of motion. The purpose of chiropractic adjustment is to improve your body’s function and alleviate pain.

Adjustments can be made to any joint in the body, such as your back, neck, shoulders, knees, etc. A Chiropractor may use their hands or an instrument to “adjust” your joints.  You may be treated by a chiropractor in order to correct such conditions as:

Neck, back, shoulder, arm, hand, chest, leg, or foot pain and stiffness




Trauma, such as whiplash


Sports injuries

Repetitive strain disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome


If you are new to chiropractic medicine, you may have a harder time relaxing during the procedure than more experienced patients. If you stiffen or resist the adjustment, you may feel some discomfort. However as you get used to the procedures you should find not only that the discomfort decreases, but that you may feel relief and a sense of well-being after the adjustment I completed.

During the procedure, you will be placed in a certain position to treat the affected areas. Usually you will be lying face down on a padded table. There may be popping or cracking noises during the adjustment, as the joint is moved. These noises are the result of the release of tiny pockets of gas during the procedure, which is completely normal. In fact, it’s the same thing that occurs when someone cracks their knuckles.

After the procedure, you may feel some soreness or aching in the muscles or spinal joints. If it occurs, this kind of discomfort usually happens within the first few hours of treatment. It should not last longer than 24 hours (and if it does, be sure to contact your chiropractor for assistance). If you like, you can place an ice pack on the affected area, which should help reduce the symptoms and help you recover more quickly.

After a thorough history and examination, our experienced staff at Total Health Family Clinic, will plan a course of treatment that will best benefit your condition.  The proper mode of adjustment will be discussed with you (manual, instrument, or both).  Our aim is to help you recover from your ailment and provide you with prevention tactics. 

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Ashkan Aazami, DC

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